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Business as usual

My friend the Latin American correspondent, who has become accustomed to the transparent honesty of the Argentine government, was shocked by the cynical choices made by Paul Martin for the Senate:

I just saw the list of new Senate appointments -- what an outrage! Didn't Martin promise not to stack it with his crony-dinosaur buddies? Eggleton! You must be kidding me, wasn't he a crook last time he made headlines? Wow. As usual, they slap one token "legit" in there, but I do think Mr. Dallaire could be a far greater influence outside the Senate that inside the machine. Reminds me of when Chretien loaded the senate with 7 buddies and a 78-year old nun... How long will people put up with this nonsense? I'm going outside to get some fresh air, this ruined my morning.
Here in Canada, of course, we feel no outrage. We're used to this kind of treatment by our government, and we expect it. A disgraced former cabinet minister that knows where the bodies are buried getting a tasty life-long free ride? No problem. A left-wing francophone-rights supporter chosen to represent Alberta? Whatever. Backroom hacks getting their promised pay-off? Shrug.

Look at the Gomery inquiry. It's unearthing a deep and complex operation to loot the public treasury and funnel the money (minus a service charge) back to the Liberal party. But is there any public outrage? Not really. A few opinion writers get a little frothy every now and then, but it's not being talked about on the 'Canadian Street'. Why?

Because we know. We've always known. It's not news and it's not shocking. The Liberals are a Machiavalian organization that uses their power primarily to hold onto power. We expect it and, for the most part, support it. After all, the only alternative is the Conservatives, and it's rumored that some of them have religious beliefs and -- even worse -- believe that government is not the solution to all problems. It's probably not true, but who wants to take the chance?


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I've looked at that test before and bailed before completing it. The test-makers have biases and they come out in the questions. For example, the first question:

If economic globalisation is inevitable, it should primarily serve humanity rather than the interests of trans-national corporations.

What the hell answer do I give? I believe free trade benefits everyone, corporations and people alike. A common leftist fallacy is that trade is a zero-sum game, one side gains, the other loses. But that's not true. But you have to accept it to complete the test. And I won't.

A political test I did like is the Politopia quiz. Turns out I'm an agorist.

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