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Time to add a few new blogs to the blogroll, and cut a few that I haven't been reading or have gone to that great 404 in the sky. This time the new blogs were plucked from the Canadian Red Ensign bloggers. I've contemplated joining them a few times, but I'm not a joiner by nature -- thus the name 'Autonomous Source' -- and have again decided not to. I'll remain unaffiliated for now and earn the right to call myself a Marauding Marsupial the hard way. But there are some interesting blogs on it and I've grabbed a baker's dozen to add to the Autonomous Collective. They are, in no particular order: The London Fog, The Last Amazon, Shiny Happy Gulag, Rempelia Prime, North Western Winds, The Files of the Phantom Observer, The Tiger in Winter, Nathan's Updates from Seoul, Turning 30 and a half, Tipperography, Myrick, Abraca-Pocus, and BumfOnline.

I'll be popping in on them from time to time and damn well expect to be entertained.


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