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Free Lebanon rally in Ottawa tomorrow

Victor Davis Hanson describes the noose tightening around Syrian dictator Bashar Assad and how he plans to escape it:

Syria's worst nightmare is not an American invasion, but an Arab League that is dominated by nascent democracies.

Thugocracies and kleptocracies, however, die hard. So will that of Assad. His henchmen probably assassinated former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, in fear that the Westernized entrepreneur dreamed of an open Arab Singapore or Monaco on the border.

Now they are planning to unleash enough 1970s-style violence to terrify the Lebanese into preferring Syrian order to their own messy freedom.

This just might work if pressure from outside is allowed to wane. There's momentum towards a free Lebanon, but Syria still has a strong position. I doubt the US will act militarily against them, and, needless-to -say, whatever the UN says will be ignored. After some success by the pro-freedom forces, Syria's position is hardening and the pro-Syrian government that was forced to resign has been reinstated. Possibly the promises to end the occupation will be stalled until the world loses interest. The pressure has to be maintained for change.

There's a rally on Parliament Hill in Ottawa tomorrow at 1:00 (top right of page) to demand full Syrian withdrawal from Lebanon, and to urge the Canadian government to speak up on this issue. The last one had quite a healthy turnout, and this one should be bigger. I'll be there, and will post a few shots tomorrow.


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