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Government roadkill

In an earlier post, I was lamenting that there was no organized opposition to the wacky daycare folly that Ken Dryden plans to inflict on the country. The unions and government backed special interest groups are pushing hard, and no one is pushing back. One commenter, Lisa, agreed:

I operate a licenced home daycare. I currently earn aproximately $13,000/year profit . I have my early childhood education certification and meet all licencing requirements. But the unions and the feds wish to keep us out of child care program because I am considered for profit. A salary of $13,000 year is not big money, this is what I live on. I don't have the big expensive child care centre and I don't have the lobbying power of the large daycare centres. What I do have is parents who are happy to bring their children to a loving home, with quality programming, healthy meals, and individualized attention that the centres don't have with a low adult to child ratio of 1 to 5, compared to 1 to 10 in a centre. The are thousands of people like myself across the country, without the voice that governments will listen to. I wrote letters months ago to my provincial and federal ministers. What can people like myself do to be heard?
You'd think that with the massive budget the feds will be devoting to this project, there'd be money enough for everyone that works in the industry. So far, the plan for this mother of all boondoggles is not set, but early indications are that it will arrive in the state-run, not-for-profit mold that the 'experts' who are drafting it are itching for. They don't want to just write checks; they want a big bureaucracy to drive, loaded with all the options. Private suppliers will probably not be shut down, but they'll face a new competitor that will undercut their prices and steal their customers -- which will result in them being forced out of business, just as if they were shut down.

We shouldn't feel too bad for Lisa though. With her early childhood education certification she should be able to get a job at Workers' Creche #347, which will be opening up soon in her town. That is, if the union lets her join.


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