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Our car-buying odyssey ends...

...With a Honda Odyssey!

It's a pretty nice vehicle, and I got a surprisingly good deal on it. (Well, I think I did anyway. The dealer may have a different opinion.) But I'm pretty happy with it. 15 cup holders! Now we're living large!

Hopefully this will be the last big purchase of ours for a while. In the last couple of months we've also bought a new digital camera, a new TV, a DVD player, a new wireless router, a new laptop computer, Kindermusik lessons (not cheap!), airline tickets to a far-off destination, and a giant order of various media from Amazon. Funny thing about spending -- once you start, each purchase gets easier instead of harder.

But we're all through now. We've got everything we need. We're content. Really.


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15 cup holders! Wow, awesome. Always pick you vehicle/boat based on the capacity to ferry beverages. Can't wait for Max to take me around town and looks like the dog has OKAYED it as well.

Very nice choice. Most likely the current leader in the minivan class. You can always sleep in it too and save dough on vacations.

Great choice, Bruce. Honda should keep you quite happy.

You'll have to practice driving while reaching around into the back recesses to separate quarelling kids, though.

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