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Swirling down the drain

Canada must be one of the most politically correct countries in the world. Our schools spend a quarter of their class time praising diversity and advocating the importance of tolerance while our government spreads incredible amounts of money promoting multicultural events and subsidizing ethnic organizations. But that isn't enough, because apparently something called 'racism' still exists. The Liberal government claims it can be countered with yet more money:

"Canada is a world leader in the development of policies and laws to fight racism, but many Canadians still experience racism and discrimination in their daily lives," said the Honourable Raymond Chan, Minister of State (Multiculturalism).

"The Government of Canada has for some time recognized that our fight against racism requires a horizontal, forward-looking approach. And we recognize that we have to collaborate more effectively with all sectors of society for these efforts to be successful. This is what we will achieve with this Action Plan," added Minister of State Chan.

The objectives of the Action Plan are to strengthen social cohesion, further Canada's human rights framework, and demonstrate federal leadership in the fight against racism and hate-motivated crime.

"The underlying message of this first ever Action Plan Against Racism is clear: we seek a Canada in which there will be no sanctuary for hate and no refuge for racism," said Minister of Justice Irwin Cotler.

Building on Canada's existing legal framework, and on the policies and programs currently in place, the Action Plan establishes a horizontal approach across federal departments and agencies, and outlines a significant number of new and continuing commitments to combat racism.

Yadda, yadda, yadda. The bottom line? $56 million for this 'plan'. Look, I know it's dangerous to come out against something that's labelled 'anti-racist' (obviously, I must be a racist!), but this is such a stoopid waste of money. The government cannot socially engineer a change in attitudes through TV commercials and even more indoctrination on 'tolerence' in our schools. People who advocate racist views do so now because they know it's the shortest route to attracting the attention they crave. The days are long gone when these attitudes were widely held, and were a polite topic for dinner conversation. Some people are assholes -- deal with it. Federal money isn't going to make them go away or change their natures. In fact, I think this money can only inflame racism -- not a lot, but a bit nonetheless. The incessant pandering to visible minorities gives racists leverage with a frustrated few.

The Gomery Inquiry is uncovering all kinds of evidence about how the Liberal Party uses these types of special programs for sleaze. This 'Action Plan Against Racism' has slush fund written all over it -- a big pot of money dedicated to a vague goal that no one dares speak against. And just as with the Sponsorship program, they'll probably get away with it too.


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I do not always agree with your view, but you right on, with this one.

Thanks Wolf, I appreciate that.

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