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They noticed us!

The Weekly Standard has a cover story on Canada in this week's issue. Americans writing about Canada! The story is sure to create a wave of commentary across our country's editoral pages. The story isn't very kind though, so expect an angry wave of commentary. Then again, maybe the story will be studiously ignored; it cuts a little close to the bone:

If we have bothered forming opinions at all about Canadians, they've tended toward easy-pickings: that they are a docile, Zamboni-driving people who subsist on seal casserole and Molson. Their hobbies include wearing flannel, obsessing over American hegemony, exporting deadly Mad Cow disease and even deadlier Gordon Lightfoot and Nickelback albums. You can tell a lot about a nation's mediocrity index by learning that they invented synchronized swimming. Even more, by the fact that they're proud of it.
There's things in the story that I can find fault with -- the idea that Canadian's don't exhibit road rage, for example. The reason the writer didn't find any is that for his research on Canada he visited BC, home of the world's most somnambulant divers. But most of the rest is spot on:
This unscientific research quickly confirmed that Canadians are bizarrely obsessed with us, binge-eating out of our cultural trough, then pretending it tastes bad. Plainly the two things Canada needs most are a mirror and a good psychiatrist.
All Canadians should read this article for its powerful smugness-penetrating qualities.


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