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UN-real thinking

Wretchard at The Belmont Club picks apart Kofi Annan's latest attempt to save his job the world. His plan? More money for the UN, an enlarged Security Council, and more bureaucracy. Wretchard isn't impressed:

In my own opinion Kofi Annan's proposals are a recipe for disaster for two reasons. His entire security model is philosophically founded on a kind of blackmail which recognizes that the only thing dysfunctional states have to export is trouble. He then sets up the United Nations as a gendarmarie with 'a human face' delivering payoffs to quell disturbances. This is the "bargain whereby rich countries help the poor to develop, by promoting the Millennium Development Goals, while poor countries help alleviate rich countries' security concerns." Second, his model flies in the face of the recent experience in Afghanistan, Iraq and the entire democratizing upheaval in the Middle East. It is by making countries functional that terrorism is quelled and not by any regime of international aid, inspections, nonproliferation treaties, declarations, protocols, conferences; nor by appointing special rapptorteurs, plenipotentiary envoys; nor constituting councils, consultative bodies or anything else in Annan's threadbare cupboard.

Nor is this clanking monstrosity particularly efficient, even in contemplation. Neither new Security Council model solves the basic question: how can it compel nations with the muscle to act against their interests? Alliances, like political parties, are the building blocks of global politics. Forcing alliances to work within the artificial structure of the United Nations Security Council (A or B) adds nothing to the process. The sole value of the Security Council should be to rubber-stamp what global politics has already decided upon, as constitutional monarchs do in countries with Parliaments.

It was a dictum in Field Marshal Zhukov's Army that a good commander never reinforced failure only success. It is a maxim of the United Nations that progress is achieved by doing everything that never worked all over again. Probably nowhere is the bankruptcy of Annan's vision (and I use that word consciously) more evident than in Paragraph 29, where he lays out the UN vision for a better world. It is a laundry list of all the special interest 'development' goals the UN has acquired over the years where problems of different orders of magnitude and positions in the chain of causality are jumbled together; a bureaucrat's dream and a human being's nightmare.

Kofi's plan is more appeasement, but with a better marketing plan. Our Prime Minister of course has seen a role for himself in promoting this thing and is eager to push his way to the front of the parade:
In a phone conversation with the Secretary-General earlier this afternoon, I indicated Canadaís strong support for his report, which is a bold call to action and a blueprint to strengthen the capacity and effectiveness of the United Nations. It presents an integrated approach to fulfilling the objectives of the United Nations Charter and highlights the fact that security, development and human rights go hand in hand. It offers proposals that are achievable and that world leaders should endorse at their summit in September.
Grandstanding jerk.

UPDATE: Claudia Rosett, who has been at the forefront of the investigations into the oil-for-food fiasco, grinds up Kofi as well. And Tim Blair takes aim at his plan to punish suicide bombers:

"You blow youself up on my watch," warned the steely-eyed Ghanaian lawman, "and thatíll be the last thing you do, mark my words."


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