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We've been relocated... Mapquest. For some time now, I've had a link in my About section (on the right) to a map of my neighborhood. It put a little star right where my house is -- so random browsers could more easily locate me to rob my home. (I'd advise against it, we have a dangerous dog protecting the property.) But now Mapquest places us in the middle of Maniwaki, a hundred kilometers to the north.

That's Quebec hillbilly country. I wonder if we'll be able to adapt...

For anyone wishing to come and live here, let us assure you that Maniwaki has all the requirements to welcome you and your family to a way of life where you can find all the important infrastructures to an active life, like : airport, health and social services, schools, day-care, etc...
Wow! Make mine Maniwaki!


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I think we better act quickly and get ourselves placed back in Chelsea (MRC des Collines)quickly or some politician or bureaucrat is going to hear about a new doctor in Maniwaki and try to keep that poor sad hospital open. Unfortunately, contrary to the information in the Maniwaki website, there are health services but no medical services. They haven't had a reasonable cohort of physicians in years. The community is the gateway to the vast expanses of northern quebec, and aboriginal lands, territories and their own bureaucracies. What it is not is a gateway to any thriving economic situation of any kind. Oh, still lots of trees. And logging trucks. Lots of logging trucks.

okay that was an extremely overtired person ranting. There are probably some good things about Maniwaki. Well, trees for example.

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