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Zambonis? Seal casserole? No! Basketball! Superman!

A letter writer to the National Post gets indignant about the exquisite shredding of the Canadian identity done in a recent Weekly Standard:

In regards to the belief that some Canadians are dull, I hasten to point out that the game tiddly-winks was invented in the United States, while basketball, a fast-paced sport loved by millions of Americans, was invented by a Canadian. [...]

Blair Watson, Vancouver

Which makes Canadians interesting, um, how?

If Blair had bothered to read the article he was whining about, he would have noted that much of it made fun of the exaggerated self-regard Canadians are afflicted with -- especially concerning their southern neighbors -- and kept his mouth shut. It's pretty pathetic when you make your critic's point in your own defense. But maybe he wouldn't. That delicate Canadian sensitivity is pretty hard to keep in check. (long ago deceased) ran a piece tweaking Canada's nose back in the late nineties. The original piece was nothing special, but they ran a feature (still available!) on Canadians' indignant responses to it that was just devastating. Funniest was the claim that we 'discovered' basketball.

Mark Steyn has recently opined that Canada is doomed. If so, our tombstone will say:


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