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Set blog to 'neglected'

My wife has temporarily relocated to Montreal this weekend, so I'm on full-time toddler duty. The blog will be put on hold during that time so that I don't go bananas. (Nothing worse than having all these things you want to say but no time to say them. Better to not even try.) I'll leave with a picture and a thought. The picture:

The thought: Don't you just hate taxes? We're still in shock here over this year's brutal bloodletting. Ugly, ugly, ugly. Oh well, I'm sure the government knows better how to spend the money than we do...


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Bruce and Michelle: I have to post a comment: the twins are both utterly adorable. What a nice picture!

You can post a comment any time you want! Even in the middle of the night! Commenting is 24 hours a day! (Which the spammers have noted.)

It is a good picture. The problem with twins is that it's hard to get good expressions of both of their faces at the same time. This one came out nicely...


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