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A break from the smirking

One of the things that disappoints me about politics in Canada is how the population has been indoctrinated into viewing those who exhibit passion with suspicion or condescension. Canadians are too cool to care, and routinely tell pollsters they think all politicians are the same. The media for the most part plays up to this, reporting on the crude maneuvering of this government as if it was the latest news on Brad and Jennifer.

It's nice to read some reporters getting angry about this and who understand what it all means. Andrew Coyne has a good column in the Post today (not yet available) and David Warren's is right on the money:

Am I making this personal? Yes, and it ought to be made personal, by everyone who has been betrayed -- every Canadian not directly in the pay of the Liberal Party. We have been taken for a ride, we have been cheated of the constitutional order that was our birthright. And we have been cheated by people who have used the stations with which we entrusted them to advance their own personal interests at the expense of ours.

If Mr. Harper did not seem angry, I would have no hope for him. He is in fact angry, because he is a decent man; and because he is looking directly into the sleaze at the heart of our government. There is such a thing as righteous indignation, and now is the time for it to be expressed.

I'm still in shock right now, but I've got over my initial pessimism. I'm not abandoning the country or voting for seperatism. These guys have to be fought, and I'll continue to fight them in my own limited way. In fact, I'll step it up a bit and start challenging my neighbors and friends who react to what's happening with nothing but a shrug. They've got to wake up or this country is lost.

UPDATE: Coyne's column is here.


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