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Another sexist Tory MP

Medicine Hat MP Monte Solberb has a blog and couldn't resist taking a shot at Belinda. I think he manages to strike the perfect mix of bemusement, condescension, and breezy sarcasm:

Belinda Stronach of no fixed address

Come on everyone, lay off. Belinda is who she is. I'm sure this time she's really found her niche. Wouldn't surprise me if she stuck with it for several months. Maybe even a year. Next, who knows, maybe she'll be a marine biologist, or a circus performer. That's what free spirits do.

No there is none of that getting stuck in a rut for that girl. When things aren't going her way, she gets going. She's gone before you can say, "The Liberals are corrupt", which is what she used to say all the time. But it's a woman's perogative to change her mind, and I support her right to do that. But it's also her perogative to use her mind, which I would also support.

(via The Gods of the Copybook Headings)


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