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Belinda Stronach? Yes, Belinda Stronach!

As of yesterday, Google has ranked my blog very high in searches for 'Belinda Stronach'. Many people in the last few days have been looking for information on Belinda Stronach and are being led to my page. I'm also getting lots of hits from people looking for 'Belinda Stronach whore', 'Belinda Stronach pictures', and 'Belinda Stronach dipstick'. I have never tried to 'game the system' to get higher page ranking for anything, certainly not Belinda Stronach, so it's interesting that this is happening.

I don't really have any interesting information or pictures of Belinda Stronach that couldn't be found somewhere else on the web. I have no special interest at all in Belinda Stronach. It's very unfair of me to be taking all these Belinda Stronach hits away from people that are working hard on a Belinda Stronach webpage. Like the creators of this page, for instance. Go here if you want more information on Belinda Stronach.

UPDATE: I thought that would work. I've dropped from 8th to 50th...


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