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Carter sabotaging democracy again

Here's an excerpt from an open letter to Jimmy Carter from an Ethiopian news service. What he's done here reminds me of what he did in Venezuela, seeing only what he wants to see and ignoring the truth:

Many believe that, had you acted differently and with care, Ethiopiaís suffering for 17 brutal years under Soviet hegemony would have been averted. But, as I already said, this was an old story we chose to leave for historians to grapple with until you brought fresh memories of it with a huge blow by mishandling an election that we Ethiopians seriously worked on and believed would take us on the road to democracy. It is possible that people may be killed and blood spilled in Ethiopia that could be justified on your words of premature and biased assessment of the election process in favor of the ruling party. You began spoiling the process by emboldening the ruling party to tamper with the process when you began extolling their handling of the process without qualification moments after you arrived at the Ethiopian airport.

I know you are a good man and I honestly find it difficult to accuse you of contempt for my people or other Africans. I sincerely believe you are not that kind of a person. But in reality, your actions were not very different from some in the west who think that Africans donít deserve anything near comparable to what the civilized world has, and whatever little improvement from their past is more than enough for them.

I am not sure how you respond to the latest EU report that accuses you of undermining the election process by your premature pro government assessment. But millions of Ethiopians are now accusing you of being instrumental in destroying their hope. I am not sure what answers you would give to families and relatives of Ethiopians who have just started paying prices for their participation and activism on the side of the opposition. We hear people are being intimidated, beaten and dragged to prisons. Some, I just heard, are seeking refugee among Red Cross offices in rural areas. Opposition parties are claiming that some of their election observers and activists are fast disappearing. I am sure you will soon hear about widespread abuse of Ethiopiaís citizens by a government which is parading your election assessment as a justification.


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