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Cranky farmers invade Parliament!

The 'Take back the Hill!' rally collided with a much larger farm protest, leaving the farmers firmly in control. But there was plenty of common ground between the groups, so I don't think anyone minded.

I took the tots out for some air on Parliament Hill today and got a few photos.

More photos below the fold...

Farmers today don't bring pitchforks and torches when they want to run someone out of town, they bring farm machinery. Wellington Avenue was closed to give them a place to park.

These girls were as close to 'protest babe' that I was able to find on the Hill today. They were doing a brisk business selling shirts with the Liberal logo saying 'Still Liars' on them. They shook me down for $20.

More farm machinery. Max was loving every minute of this.

Some farmer (whom I forgot to get the name of) had rode his horse all the way from Alberta for this. His horse was named 'Shorty' and he was nice enough to let Max and Talia have a ride.

Sustenance break. Don't let their mother find out where they ate. I don't know why I buy them the burgers, all they want is the fries and the shake.

The media stunt. A coffin labelled 'democracy' and containing the 'bodies' from the hanging earlier was brought up to Parliament, where it was stopped by the RCMP.

I sympathized with these protesters, but I couldn't really agree with them. Much of what I heard in the speeches was listing all the goodies Martin had handed out, and asking when they were going to get their share. Hey! Give him a chance guys, he's ladling out the dough as fast as he can!

Time to let the kids run around and burn off some of that milkshake.

Ten minutes later. Nap time is not optional. Time to get them home...

UPDATE: Paul at Ravishing Light has many more photos. Looks like he got there a little later. He makes some good points about the negativity of the protest. Let's face it, hanging effigies of government figures doesn't help the opposition.


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Well... the kids are cute anyway. Why don't you write a song for them

It seems by your pics that the mood in Canada is getting nastier. As far as I'm concerned, it's not nasty enough yet. By the way, how did the kids react to the hanging dudes?

The kids are too young to really understand what it all means. They probably thought they were scarecrows. We've read lots of stories about scarecrows lately...

no spam please!!!

I'm a non aboriginal but still sort of a ...NATIVE SON. Lived all over Canada.

Our country has been hijacked and people out west are getting pissed. I think I may endorse any reaction that another LIEberal goverment causes.

Everything has a cost folks and taxes come from me and you. Treat the money with respect, for god's sake!!!

what a great photo essay! They may be too young too understand now, but Max and Talia will grow up politicized! Watch out Bruce, they may turn into big pinko loosey-goosey liberals, just to bug their old man!

Every parents worst nightmare. Young Liberals.

It just breaks me up to watch the farmers protest.My father was a farmer as was his.As my old gramps use to tell me,you don't farm for money,you farm because you love it.It seems to me the farmers of to-day do more whining than farming.They all want to drive a new pick-up every two years.I would say after seeing your pics that the equipment they took to the hill was agood indication of how well they're doing.You should see the equipment i learned to farm on.

TimRitchie, bite your tounge. The difference between what we pay at the meat counter and the bake shelf, and what farmers get for their long hard work is criminal.

Mr. Safeway and the gang are ripping off farmers. They have every right to demonstrate. How farmers are expected to carry on when fuel prices are zooming upward, I don't know.

This is an excellent site and the Photos are worth more than a thousand words.
Thumbs up! 73s TonyGuitar

I feel like a complete blank.
That's how it is.
I can't be bothered with anything recently.


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