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Good news

The Liberals are still fishing for Tory rats to board their sinking ship (apologies to Gnotalex for borrowing that metaphor):

Conservative MP Gurmant Grewal says the Liberals offered him a diplomatic post or a Senate seat for his wife in return for scratching his crucial budget vote.

The MP from Surrey, B.C., whose wife Nina is also a Tory MP, alleges he made an audio recording of the offer from Liberal cabinet minister Ujjal Dosanjh and Tim Murphy, Prime Minister Paul Martin's chief of staff.

"I was approached early this week by Ujjal Dosanjh and asked to abstain or vote with the government on the budget vote," said Grewal, a three-term MP.

"In exchange, I was given an understanding that I would be rewarded in some fashion."

Grewal said the options included a diplomatic appointment for him or a Senate seat in the future for Nina Grewal, who was first elected to Parliament just last June.

If they're still casting for turncoats, they may not have enough votes to pull it off tomorrow. When you think about it, given all the power the PM has to bestow goodies for favours, the fact that he was only able to pull in one out of ninety-nine looks like a pretty good endorsement of Stephen Harper's leadership.

The vote tomorrow is going to be a nailbiter.

UPDATE: The tape has been released and it's pretty damning. Andrew Coyne is all over it. This is a criminal offence, of course. How's it going to play out?


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Boy am I glad I moved to Latin America to escape the absolutely corrupt regime back home. I'm going to start to tell people I fled Canada because of rampant government crime for the freedom and transparency of Latin America. I think it's time to come home and try and change things, but will be tough convincing my wife to embrace Canadian "values".

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