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'Has the whole world gone CRAZY?'

The Toronto Star paints the picture:

Partying Liberals were treated Thursday night to the incredible sight of Belinda Stronach, Canada's new human resources minister, and Tim Murphy, the Prime Minister's chief of staff, dancing atop a speaker at an Ottawa bar.

The tune? "Material Girl," by Madonna.

The lyrics to that song include these memorable, and some would say fitting, words:

"Some boys kiss me, some boys hug me, I think they're OK,
If they don't give me proper credit, I just walk away.
They can beg and they can plead,
But they can't see the light. That's right,
'Cause the boy with the cold hard cash is always Mr. Right."

Tim Murphy, of course, is the man whose voice is heard clearly on a tape (transcript - audio) offering a bribe to a Conservative MP. Dancing on the speaker with his prize trophy, he doesn't appear too concerned about this proof of his guilt in a serious crime being available on the internet. And why should he be? No one cares.

This story is not screaming-headlines front-page news. It's page eight news, noted only after prefacing the story with Liberal denials and alibis. Soon it will disappear and be forgotten. It's the precise opposite to the way the media should be covering this. They should be questioning what the PM knew and when he knew it, not making excuses for him and speculating about what the Tories are hiding. It may be that the Conservatives cynically created this scandal to embarrass the government (though if you listen to the tape, you'll find this hard to believe), but the possibility of the Prime Minister using his powers of office to corrupt members of the opposition deserves a full and noisy investigation. Especially in light of another high-profile defection that happened just days ago! What has the media in this country become? Has the whole world gone crazy? (No, just Canada.)

At least Andrew Coyne is still following this story. He's got a good link round-up here.


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Bruce, I learned (at around 3 a.m.) that Murphy is suing Andrew Coyne for libel and furthermore that the comments on Coyne's site are not unaccessible. I hope he's just cleaning up or has bandwidth issues, but we may have a big problem here.

Bruce, I'm in.

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