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How low can he go?

Somehow, Paul Martin is always able to surprise you. Just when you think he's reached about as low as he can go, he manages to drop even further. This time it's his sudden decision to send Canadian troops to the Sudan:

Prime Minister Paul Martin has pledged a greater Canadian commitment to Darfur and was expected to make an announcement within days.

He said Wednesday the conflict "is one of the most important tests as to how the West is prepared to come to the aid of Africa."

Martin met earlier this week with David Kilgour, a former Liberal MP who now sits as an independent.

Kilgour is a strong proponent of sending Canadian troops to Darfur. Kilgour and the prime minister denied the meeting was an attempt to prop up the Liberals' shaky minority government.

Which means it is an attempt to prop up the Liberals' shaky minority government. So he's going to send Canadian troops to the other side of the world -- to buy a political favour and help his pathetic government hold on to power a little longer. It's absolutely unbelievable. I thought how he cynically handled the military with regards to the tsunami aid was bad, but this is obscene.

Now, I've advocated taking an interventionist approach to Sudan before. But what are our guys going to do when they get there? Were they invited by the Sudanese government? Has the UN asked for their deployment? Are we going to invade? Right now the Jangaweed militias -- supported by the Sudanese government -- are waging a brutal war of attrition against the Fur with the ultimate aim of genocide. This is a serious situation that doesn't have any solutions that don't involve serious firepower. Do we have any coherent plan to change this? Or Is Martin just going to set up a camp in the desert somewhere to look like he's 'doing something'?

The desperation of this man, it's... just breathtaking!


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