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I get the feeling from the Canadian blogs on my blogroll that many have been too stunned by events last night to write much about it. Or perhaps they've just taken my advice and have been overcome with apathy. But a few managed to scratch out some thoughts:

  • Colby Cosh asks a few questions about Chuck Cadman and his motivations and doesn't come to any nice conclusions.
  • Bob Tarantino also looks at Chuck and is a little more charitable. But after seeing the picture of him hugging Carolyn Parrish in the paper today, I have to side with Cosh. Tarantino explains Cadman's motives, but that still doesn't make what he did right.
  • Jaeger crawls out of his cave to drop a few quotes. Barry Goldwater is on his way to being rehabilitated.
  • Andrew Coyne doesn't have anything on his blog, but his last post has almost 700 comments, many of which I suspect have something to do with last night's vote. He does have a great column in the Post today which has a succinct summary of the noxious nature of what Paul Martin did:
    A government that had lost its majority spent nine days pretending it had a majority in order that it might obtain a majority. It used powers of state to which it was no longer entitled for the sole end of establishing its claim to the powers of state. And it used these powers in the most tawdry possible ways.
  • Keith at Minority of One is mad. Mad, mad, mad, mad, mad. But then, he usually is, so this really isn't news.
  • The Last Amazon is hopeful that the Liberals will eventually run out of money and their hold on power will weaken. Well, whatever gets you through the day...
  • Mike at the London Fog offers poetry. Somehow, I don't think the Liberals can be defeated with poetry.
  • Debbye points out that that this country is sailing into unknown territory now. That's a positive way to look at things -- make it into an exciting adventure!
  • Kate at Small Dead Animals has a small link round-up and a big pile of comments. Some of the comments contain... cuss-words.
I'm just going to spend the day with the kids and not think about this mess for now. Actually, I'm just going to spend half the day with the kids, then try to slip out to see that silly movie everbody's talking about.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention honourary Canadian blogger Captain Ed, who has a long analysis on where he thinks Harper went wrong. I think Harper handled things pretty well, but Ed makes a couple of very good points:

He made the decision to drop his challenge to the earlier motions which should have qualified as no-confidence votes for no return whatsoever, a decision which legitimized yesterday's vote.
This was Harper's biggest screw-up. I think the Conservatives panicked when public opinion bought the Liberal's spin on the lost confidence votes rather than theirs. But they should never have accepted the Liberals position, explicitly or implicitly, and continued pointing out the illegitimacy of Martin's government.

His other major criticism is a point in Harper's favour, for me anyway:

Harper may have been undone by his own basic honesty. During this entire episode, Harper made clear what he wanted to do and was aboveboard in his efforts to topple the Liberals. Harper clearly underestimated Martin and overestimated the man's ethics. Harper appeared unprepared for the garage sale that Martin kicked off, buying the NDP with a budget package and Stronach with a second-tier ministerial position. Anyone who paid attention to the Gomery Inquiry should have known better, but even I was pretty amazed at how baldly Martin and his cohorts sold out Canada just to squeeze past the no-confidence vote.
What am I doing? I said I didn't want to write about this stuff! Okay, enough...


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