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La-laaa-la-la-laaa! Can't hear you!

Well, he's done it. Paul Martin has now sunk lower than anyone could possibly have imagined, and turned this country into a banana republic. By ignoring the non-confidence motion passed in the House today, he spits on hundreds of years of Parliamentary tradition. How will the foreign press view this, I wonder? I'm hoping our press will rip him apart, but I'm not too confident about it. I'm expecting the detached, fair-minded response: "Critics blasted the government, but supporters say..."

Why are the Liberals doing this? If they can't win a vote like this, then they can't win any votes -- which is the point to non-confidence motions. If you can't win a vote, you can't pass legislation. And if you can't pass legislation, you can't run the country -- at least so you would think. Over the years the Liberals have retooled the workings of government so that more and more can be done without Parliamentary consent. All manner of slush funds sit stuffed with cash to be directed towards whatever project that will give them some political leverage. Who knows how long they can continue to operate this way?

UPDATE: I love this little detail tucked into the National Post story on the vote:

Conservative Opposition Leader Stephen Harper immediately demanded that Prime Minister Paul Martin call a formal vote of confidence.

"I would challenge the prime minister, if he believes he has the constitutional authority, to rise in his place and to call for a vote of confidence," Harper said.

The House broke down into shouting when Liberal House leader Tony Valeri said parliamentary precedent makes it clear the vote was not a motion of confidence.

The Speaker ruled Harper's demand out of order and the House returned to normal business, debating heritage lighthouses.

Heritage lighthouses. This is what the Liberals are wasting the House's time with rather than putting the unholy thing they call a budget to a vote. It's, it's... surreal...


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man its like a grown up version of a school yard.

A school yard? What are you talking about? This is our House of Commons, an institution descended from the British Parliamentary tradition, the cradle of modern democracy. How can you make such a comparison?

It's more like an understaffed daycare.

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