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Nothing to see here, move along

I'd think a bribe by the Prime Minister's Chief of Staff to a Tory MP in exchange for him betraying his party on the eve of an extremely important vote would be big news. Especially when the offer was caught on tape. But then, I'm not the editor of one of Canada's big news services. The Globe and Mail's 'Breaking News' page has nothing on the story in any of the headlines, but has a couple of paragraphs tucked in to the general story on the upcoming vote. The tone suggests the offer is just a sideshow and isn't important.

The Star, to their credit, has a partial transcript of the tape, and the CBC has a story, but neither suggest what a colossal breakdown of ethics this shows about the Martin Liberals. In a couple of days (especially with all the big news those days will bring) there will be no memory of what happened. The press in this country are pathetic.

My friend the Latin American correspondent wrote me an email which I will take the liberty to quote:

The media is responsible for a LARGE part of this...shallow reporting, reporters taking Senate seats, reporters hanging out at meech lake, failure to's perhaps the laziest and worst media in the Americas....and I've seen them all...Even in places like Venezuela, reporters have the guts to stand up and challenge.

UPDATE: The London Fog has the list of questions asked of Grewel during the scrum he had with reporters. I get the idea that the reporters are not so concerned with finding out about the offer as they are in destroying his credibility. It's madness.


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