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Outrage fatigue II

More whining by the Conservatives about non-existent racism.

"Frankly, if I was going to recruit somebody, I'd go a little higher up the gene pool," Alcock said Wednesday.

When reporters asked him for his response Wednesday, Mark dismissed Alcock's comment as a schoolyard taunt.

But the MP for Dauphin-Swan River had a change of heart overnight. He held a news conference Thursday morning, backed by more than a dozen other Conservatives, to call Alcock a racist.

"It demonstrates racial intolerance," Mark said of the "gene pool" comment. "It's about genetics. That's what the Second World War was about."

Oh, come on! Grow up guys! Do Canadians really want to elect such a bunch of sissies?


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I dunno Bruce, why don't you tell me. Can Canadians look forward to such "Progressive" Conservative policies as "Canada needs institutions to lock up Aboriginal Activists and Apologists", if they vote for the CPC?

Thus far, not a single "blogging whorey" has disputed this remark or repudiated it.

In fact, it's been defended time and time again.

As much as the Liberals don't want the public reading about Adscam, the Conservatives don't want Canadians knowing about their sick association with people who promote genocide against Aboriginals, like your good friend and blogging buddy Kate McMillan, or Ezra Levant.

As far as I am concerned, the Libranos can stay in power forever, if it means people like McMillan don't even grace the halls of 24 Sussex Ave. Crooks vs Racists who advocate genocide.

It's not a tough choice to make.

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