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Poundmaker protest

One of the great embarrassments in Canada has been the dismal conditions in many native communities. As I see it, the problem has not been the federal government's fault, but a result of massive corruption in native governments. But anytime an outsider points out this obvious fact -- or worse yet, suggests doing something about it -- they're met full-force with charges of racism.

The only way Native communities are going to get out of this cycle of despair is by overthrowing the mini-Mugabes who rule them, and setting up the conditions to prevent them from returning. Not an easy task, and there hasn't been a lot of precident.

But right now some members of the Poundmaker First Nation in Saskatchewan are challenging their corrupt leaders. The story has had minimal media coverage (this CBC story from May 6 is all I've found), but the Manitoba-based group blog Dust My Broom has been all over it and is working to get the message out. The story starts here, and continues here and here. The latest press release from the protestors is here. (Best to just go to the main site and start reading.) Ian Scott of Ianism is accepting donations for a grocery delivery to the protestors scheduled for tomorrow.

Politics is never just about voting. It's also about working to support ideas you believe in any way you can. These guys deserve a lot of credit.


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Hi Bruce - I just seen that picture of your kids in the speakers chair - pretty cool!

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