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I wondered why the Liberals were so desperate to hold on a few more days before allowing a confidence vote. If they were going to lose anyways, why allow themselves to look like they were clinging to power so pathetically? And now we know: they were working to find the price that would bring Belinda Stronach over to the dark side.

There's nothing, nothing these guys won't do to hold on to power. They'll send unarmed soldiers to a war zone, let a bunch of socialists ruin the economy, and create a brand new cabinet post to satisfy the vanity of an ambitious heiress. Nothing is beneath them. And they don't care who knows it.

I wonder if I can persuade my wife to move to Australia...

UPDATE: I understand now that Martin didn't create a new cabinet post for Belinda, but booted out (future senator or ambassador to France) Lucienne Robillard to make room for her.


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For Harper to obtain power and climb in bed with the block ,witch are out to separate our country ,that i call shameless.


Oh, come on, Wolf. The Bloc and the Conservatives both want to defeat the Liberals -- how does that put them in bed with each other? The Bloc and the Liberals both voted the same way on gay marriage, were the two of them 'in bed' together then?

You shouldn't listen to the Liberal talking points. All the Liberals have left is the ability to smear their opponents. It doesn't mean we have to believe them.

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