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Speaking of Chavez...

I found this revealing post by Facundo Rivera on Arianna Huffington's new megablog. He seems to strongly support the guy:

As a proud member of the Hispanic-American lower-class hoi-polloi, I would like to say how much I support Hugo Chavez and his wonderful land reform program.

Life as a Venezuelan peasant is not chic. I have seen it on television while being driven to the aromatherapist. One gets calluses on one’s hands from digging cassava. One cannot afford proper products for one’s hair. One must walk everywhere or use seedy public transportation. It is not like America, where one works three or four hours a day telling others what to do and then relaxes in the rear seat of one’s Bentley while motoring to one’s customary table at The Russian Tea Room...

Wait a second. There's something wrong here...


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Bruce, dear, please do not put entire posts from my site on your page. Cut it down to a few lines, and we will blogroll you.

Thank you for mentioning us, you unimportant person. Now move, before my limo crushes you.

There. I changed it. Now call off your lawyers, quickly! They've almost clawed their way through the plywood barriers...

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