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Stuff & Things XIX

Special weird links edition! I gave the politics a rest this weekend and roamed aimlessly through uncharted territory (for me). Here's some of the odd stuff I saw:

  • Here's an interesting optical illusion. It somehow short-circuits your peripheral vision.
  • Horrible, horrible dancing. Horrible, horrible singing. Neither should be missed.
  • A very nifty Google game. It shows you 20 images and you have to guess the keyword that summoned them. Very slick.
  • I linked to Magical Trevor last year. There's a sequel.
  • A very elegant little game that will take up too much of your time: Gridlock.
  • Art: Hey you, in the red truck, shave your mustache!
  • Just in time for Episode 3 (though it's probably been around for ten years) -- ASCII Star Wars! You have to TELNET to (And I'm not going to explain how to telnet...)
  • Here's a clever and well-edited video of various women getting, erm... an intimate waxing. It's actually quite tasteful and safe for work. And it's funny too. (Bit of a long load though...)
  • Ahhh, to be young and stupid again. You will either be horrified or wildly entertained by this clip, depending on your gender.
  • This archive of Chinese propaganda posters is absolutely wonderful. I just love this stuff.
  • And finally, Nintendo: acappella style.


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Woah....I love the new banner...very kewl.

It's the Cat's Eye Nebula. And it is kewl. Very kewl indeed.

I'm more partial to the Ant Nebula myself:

I keep up to date with all the funny stuff here:

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