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Tequila will ease the pain

Scientists are still in the dark as to how its wonderful properties work, but tequila has been shown to numb the painful effects of life's little disasters. Many studies -- similar to the one conducted in my basement this evening -- have shown that tequila can induce strong feelings of apathy and detachment from events that would otherwise be disturbing or depressing. This new feeling of apathy allows the inbiber to 'get on with his life' or just sleep dreamlessly and without grinding his teeth. This marvelous and miraculous liquid is widely available, and is strongly recommended to those who have recently experienced a great disappointment.


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You can keep that noxious fluid for yourself. I prefer that most Canadian of libation, beer. While a tequila bottle often contains a worm, the possibility of downing a Bob-and-Doug induced baby mouse with my barley sandwich is a much more thrilling challenge!

While tonight's vote may not have turned out the way we would've liked, there's always the election that will be called thirty days following the tabling of the Gomery Commission report. You remember that promise made by PM Squared? I've reminded my Member of Parliament of that vow made by her leader. I fully expect to see her on my front doorstep come February, begging for my support, which will be a rather fruitless affair on her part.
Peter Mansbridge and Don Newman keep tell me that Canadians (and I assume they mean ME) don't want an election right now. What I have yet to hear from Pete and Don is the promise made several weeks ago by PM Squared to hit the hustings a month after the Gomery Report.
You don't think Pete and Don have forgotten, do you?
If so, then I very well might take up the tequila method you prescribe. I'm told it has a warming effect...which might very well come in handy in the month of February.

Bruce Strang
Vote-Rich Ontario

PS: Put up more pictures of your kids...those are always a good salve to soothe the perceived pains of the day. I'd offer up photos of my little monsters as a trade, but they're eleven and a half and thirteen years old. They're no longer "cute" like yours. One is shaving every two weeks and the other considers himself to be a babe magnet...jeez, you think tequila is the cure right now? Wait'll yours hit their early tweens/teens/whatever demographic mine are right now!

Beer involves too much work. All that cap twisting and repetitive arm lifting. What a hassle!

As to how all this will go down, I have no idea. I expect the Wire Brush won't be able to wiggle out of his post-Gomery promise, but I think Gomery might turn out to be a bit of a whitewash. There'll be proof of sleaze, but not enough to connect it tightly to Martin. The Liberals and their trained seals will seize on some paragraph that will cast them in a positive light and they'll shout it from the mountaintops. Plus time will have gone by and people will have put away their burning anger (which isn't really burning that hot anyway). Yuck. Gotta keep plugging though...

More pics and stories of the kids are coming. They're a bit backlogged right now.

Thanks for the comment. It's always nice to hear from someone that isn't a friend, another blogger, or some random Google visitor looking for "mango girl diapers".

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