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Where this blog is going

Long term: Damned if I know. I write about what I'm interested in at any time on this blog, and that's something that's constantly in flux. I wrote about economics when I started blogging, drifted towards the war in Iraq and the US Presidential election, and lately I've dedicated it to running the Liberals out of power. By this time next year, this blog could have a heavy emphasis on Buffy the Vampire Slayer memorabilia. Who knows? I've contemplated trying to focus my writing on a few select subjects, but I know I'd never be able to keep it up. I lose interest. The voice in the back of my head starts saying, "who cares?" whenever I try to write about something I'm not passionate about. So it'll stay the unfocused hodge-podge it is today.

Despite this lack of a center, my readership has grown. My goal for the blog when I started was to get 100 hits a day, and now I get at least 150. This may be due to more and more google-hits from my ever-increasing archives of content, but who cares? A hit is a hit. I've even managed to evolve up to a Marauding Marsupial, thanks to many other kind bloggers who've linked to me. (To those other bloggers that have made it here: how long does it take for the plaque to arrive? I still haven't received mine.) I appreciate those links and generally will stick up a reciprocal link (and use it!) when I become aware of them. (It would be nice if more bloggers did this. Yeah, I'm looking at you, Glenn Reynolds...) But I'm happy with the synaptic connections I've formed with other blogs and am in no danger of throwing in the towel any time soon.

Still, I'm not quite satisfied with the quality of the blog lately. I think it's lacked a bit of polish and shine. It just may have something to do with the two little people taking up so much of my time. I've never been so busy in all my life! My blogging was a little better a year and a half ago when they were less mobile and demanding, but now the 'terrible twos' (times 2!) are preventing me from sharing the true depth of my wit and wisdom with the world. But they can't stay raging narcissistic lunatics forever. Autonomous Source can only improve.

Short Term: This blog will be taking a two week detour to attempt to break out of the rut it's in. It will become self-indulgent and possibly artistic, and will not mention Canadian politics. I'll see if I can write when I don't have Max and Talia to worry about, or if I'm just using them as a convenient excuse. Tune in (later) tomorrow to find our what I'm talking about.


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You do realise that 8 of those days are to be spent doting on your munificent benefactor and light of your life don't you. A good time is required, and as man about BA you must provide...

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