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You think it can't happen here

Okay, one last Canadian item before I begin my sabbatical. Mike at the London Fog has unearthed some comics showing the plans the Liberals have for the country. An amusing diversion or a chilling look at our future society? The answer is for you to decide.

I'm betting on amusing diversion.


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Thats hilarious, and so err uhh, true.

That's happening the world over and Canada is leading the way.

But the secular Liberal/Progressive state with their lies will not succeed. Thruth will win the day. It's the travails that we have to pass through first to get there that's the problem.

I just (happily) stumbled across your blog today as I was Dogpiling something on daycare -- I so liked that comic that I actually figured out how to post it to my blog (I'm new at this...). I still haven't figured out this trackback thing, but I linked to this post -- thanks! (Like your Argentina pics -- that cemetary is amazing.)

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