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Birthday Walk

Today I turned -- hmmm, lemme figure this out -- forty! Man, time flies. I think I'm doing pretty well for my age: all my original hair in the original colour, no glasses, still thin, limbs intact, no chronic illnesses. I can't complain about the hand I've been dealt. But is there a mid-life brewing? Oh maybe, but who cares. Here's some shots of my lone walk to San Telmo this morning.

This is a detail from a monument to the Battle of Maipú in 1817 that broke Spanish rule in the Southern half of South America. An angel picking placing her hands on a soldier is a way of relating how bloody the battle was.

Here's an interesting fact you won't learn on other blogs. The Casa Rosada, official residence of Argentina's president, is only pink on the front. I'm not sure, but I think the white house is white all the way around.

Hey! You're doing a great job guys!

Just to prove I'm really in Argentina

The Ministry of Defence has various antique milirary equipment strewn around its grounds, as well as a number of statues that look just like those plastic soldiers you had when you were ten... 'til you melted them.

This is San Telmo. I really liked this barrio, lots of atmosphere here.

Antique shops were everywhere. Here's a photo of some tourist taking a picture of one.

Another antique shop. Many of them had a good selection of retro toys.

You are now leaving San Telmo.

I headed for the monster avenue Nueve de Julio to head home quickly. Along the way it started to pour and I ducked into a shop and bought the new Gorrilaz CD (29 pesos, about C$11), perhaps to prove to myself I'm still a young, hip guy. And it's not bad. Okay, now I have to find some food.


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I think La Casa Rosada is only really pink in the front because they truthfully ran out of the really pink paint. That's what I was told when I was there last. A rumour? Surely. Fact? Surely. It's Argentina after all.

What a great way to spend your 40th! Happy birthday Bruce!

hola mi amor!You know we were thinking of you and M&T were very disappointed when our attempt to sing Happy Birthday to Papa was foiled by an overflowing answering machine. Have fun and don't have so much fun you forget about me on monday...

hola Bruce I wish you a happy birthday, and send more pictures, they are very nice. tell more about the people.
chao y buenas vacaciones.

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