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Things are a whirlwind here. The Coles Notes summary:

Yesterday: Over to Palermo Viejo for some shoe shopping and just to look around. It was pretty dead -- turns out it doesn't wake up 'til later in the afternoon. Funky little neighborhood though. Boutiques, cool restos and bars abound. Michelle bought two jackets and a spiffy pair of pants. But not the elusive shoes she needed for the wedding...

Yesterday evening: The big football match between Argentina and Brazil. It was a World Cup qualifying game that didn't really mean anything (because both teams are sure to qualify), but determined who would be 1st place in the South American standings. So national pride was at stake, and the whole country stopped everything to watch the game. Someone in our crowd figured we would be able to stroll into a sports bar two minutes before the game and get a table for fifteen. After that brilliant plan failed, we wandered Recoleta for twenty minutes until we found a bar that would let us in. We only missed the first Argentine goal. Argentina won, 3 - 1.

This morning: Last minute shopping for shoes, stockings and a tie.

This afternoon: Andrew and Jimena's Wedding! Well, the civil wedding. In Argentina you have to get married by a judge before you can get married by a priest. But hey! It's a wedding! Let's throw rice at the happy couple!

Congratulations, you two! All the best for the future!

Afterwards, we headed to Jimena's parents' place for a reception. Seven hours of eating, drinking and talking later, we left. I must have drank at least a bottle of wine all by myself, but because of the steady stream of hors d'ouvres that poured out of the kitchen, I barely felt it. Quite a wonderful party.

Tonight: We need to start get used to staying up late (to get ready for the real wedding), so we're going to try to hit some of Buenos Aires' famous nightclubs. We're meeting at Mundo Bizarro at midnight, and from there, who knows...


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Nice photos. The bride is stunning.....

Andrew (the groom)

Anrew is right the bride is stunning! I hope you will be able to stay out late, and the good thing remember is you don't have to get up in the morning! we are watching Dora with the kids, fun day around the house and in the water. Max was splashing up a storm! Then they had a banana popsicle all over there faces!

We are off to see the skydiggers concert tonight so they will be sound alseep! Enjoy the rest of your trip and I am happy to hear you are doing some god shopping!

say hi! and congrats to the beautiful couple and say hello to everyone, especially my loco amor!


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