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It could be worse - a lot worse

Griping about this country is an enjoyable pastime for me, and I can easily see myself still enjoying the pleasure of it well into my old age. But on the eve of Dominion Day -- or Canada Day, as the disciples of Sheila Copps would have it -- it's important to realize we still have things pretty good here. Our one-party government is corrupt and incompetent, but things aren't as bad as, say, Norway. Chris Petrie writes to Mark Steyn to complain:

The royalties on North Sea oil are truly staggering, making the Norwegian government (note: not the people) shamelessly rich. There is now so much money in the Oil Fund (officially, to be used for everyone’s pensions) that they don’t know what to do with it all. God forbid they use some of it to reduce the taxes around here – oh no, instead the government has decided to increase the VAT from 24% to 25%!!

So – come on over and do a piece on Norway. Basically the richest (real) government in the world where the citizens none the less:
1. pay an extra 25% tax on everything they buy and all the services they require,
2. pay a fee to the government to own a TV,
3. pay a fee to the government to own a car,
4. pay 50% income tax, (what good is 5 weeks of paid holiday a year when you have no disposable income to do anything?),
5. pay tolls on the highways for the worst roads in Northern Europe
6. send their kids to schools ranked the second worst education system in Europe, just above Greece,
7. pay upwards of 100% tax on new cars because they are considered luxury items,
8. pay USD 1.70 per liter for gas at the pump (that’s USD 6.45 per US gallon – for your American readers), despite the fact that Norway is the third largest exporter of oil in the world after Saudi and Russia,
9. pay USD 10.00 for a pint of beer at the pub,
10. pay USD 5.00 for a box of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes,
11. pay a tax for traveling abroad (on work or on holiday) because it is considered a “benefit” to not live on your own house for a period of time,
12. pay a tax on “air-miles” earned while flying (work or holiday),
13. pay an enormous estate when you die (despite the fact that whatever assets you have managed to acquire while alive were paid for in after-tax “dollars”),

And my favourite:
14. pay a VAT tax (25%) on the tax we pay for municipal services (garbage collection, etc…)

Just remember this the next time some progressive idealist waxes lyrical about the tremendously advanced social democracies of Scandinavia...


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