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Meat me in Buenos Aires

The night of my birthday we went to a real Argentine parrilla for some real meat. Apparently all the other meat we'd been eating had just been for practice. Continue to the extended entry only if you are not shocked by the sight of hardcore meat-p0rn.

The restaurant is called Siga la Vaca, which means 'Follow the Cow'. It's an all-you-can-eat place that'll set you back all of 30 pesos (about C$12). For that, you get a well-stocked salad bar, dessert, fries, and more meat than you can imagine. AND your choice of a bottle of wine or a litre of beer. For each person.

What'll you have?

That's a good start. Want some more? It's unbelievably tender, isn't it?

Those braided things are called chinchulines and are made from the small intestine. Kinda chewy. But the chorizo (sausage) is amazing. You have to try it.

There's plenty of chinchulines for everyone. No need to push. Those things on the bottom right are called molleja, I think. Thyroid glands. I passed.

Isn't that chicken? How'd that get on the grill?

The rest of the evening was a blur. We went to a lounge in Recoleta for cocktails and I finally staggered to bed at 3:00. I'd write more but today is a beautiful day and I'm going to go do something...


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Ah, you're bringing back fond memories. I worked on a project in Argentina in the 90s.

I recommend the baby goat - called something like chevito, but my Spanish is very rusty.

Food porn rulez.

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