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There was a request for photos?

At the risk of turning this blog into the Buenos Aires society page, I offer you this account of the wedding of Jimena DeLeon and Andrew Barden last weekend. Regular whinging about the obtuseness of the Canadian government will resume shortly.

Andrew is Canadian and Jimena is Argentine, and they met in Mexico City a few years ago. The difficulties of a long distance relationship drove Andrew to get a transfer to B.A., and after a couple of years they've finally gotten hitched. And in such great style! Continue for way too many photos...

The wedding was held at the Iglesia del Pilar in Recoleta, a famous church that sits right next to the Recoleta Cemetary. Here's the bride coming down the aisle with her father, who I believe is a retired naval officer.

The big moment. Andrew is Anglican and Jimena is Catholic, so it was arranged to have Andrew's priest from Quebec City co-officiate in English. When the history of the reconciliation between these two churches is written in the future, surely this wedding will be seen as one of the turning points.

Back to the swanky Marriot for Argentine champagne (very good), hors d'ouvres, and dinner. Here's the swingingest, dancingest table of all: table 2! Top to bottom, right to left: Michelle, Anne-Marie, Giz, Jen, Sarah, Rene, and me. Missing: Carole and Eric. The triffid that the hotel planted at the center of the table was trying to take a nibble out of me, but I escaped.

At 11:00, dinner was served. The food was great and these pictures just don't do it justice. You'll have to take my word for it.

Here's the bride and groom. Look at that smile! You'd think he'd never been married before...

Dancing commenced after dinner. Here's the groom and my wife attempting to Salsa. You may notice he's wearing the same grin as he had in the last photo. It didn't leave him very often that night.

At 3:00, dessert was served. Again. Enough cream, sugar, and pastry was laid out on that table to destroy a thousand diets. I gained about five pounds on my two weeks in South America -- all of it between 3 and 3:30 in the morning of June 12th.

After everyone's bellies were full, there was another surprise. Three drummers, two dancers, and a couple of giant puppets came into the hall and led everyone back out to the dance floor.

There used no words, but only gestures, but these two women moved the party into another dimension. Soon everyone was following their leads and participating in an exciting tribal carnival. It was an out-of-this-world experience. Here's a bunch more photos. Try to image the most irresistible latin dance music you've ever heard while you look at them.

Eventually all good things have to come to an end. At sometime around 4:15 the troupe worked up to a finale and headed out. I heartily recommend this kind of entertainment for your next wedding. I know they'll be there for mine.

After that, the funny hats came out, and the music changed to an 80s/house mix. Michelle and I left just before 6:00 and there was still a large crowd out on the dance floor. Giz and Jen really have their work cut out to best this for their wedding...


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Que bueno!

Un novio bonito y una novia muy bonita!
Please find attached my subsciption payment for the 2005 year of Buenos Aires Social Club.

Hey, great photos Bruce.

It was nice to catch up with you guys in Bueners. When are you guys coming to visit?

all the best to the family,
amf xx

Hey hey,

Here we are midwa through the honeymoon, back in Bangkok airport on our way up north...wonderful photos Bruce. We're smiling. Talk to you next week......un abrazo...andrew + jime

Hey hey,

Here we are midwa through the honeymoon, back in Bangkok airport on our way up north...wonderful photos Bruce. We're smiling. Talk to you next week......un abrazo...andrew + jime

Fabulous! Gorgeous couple!

Stumbled onto your pictures on
the web...gorgeous wedding!!....
I make giant puppets
(mojigangas) along with my partner in San Miguel de Allende...also used to live
near La Recoleta and now reside in Philly where I have a
troupe of giant puppets
www.puppetsonparade . Am
introducing the tradition of the puppets to our culture and seeing them at your wedding was an inspiration for me!
Cindi Olsman

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