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Welcome to Argentina

So this isn�t starting as well as well as I thought it would. I figured my two weeks here would feature exciting photos and stories from the streets of Buenos Aires, written from a wireless internet café or the wireless connection at my hotel. But I haven�t found any internet cafés yet and since I�m staying at my friends for a few days before hitting the hotel, I�m writing this from a hot, humid internet �locotario� tucked into a shopfront. The computer I�m working on has a wonky Spanish keyboard and a crappy 800X600 monitor that warps on the edges. And I think they�d frown on me crawling around the back of the desk to attach my camera to the USB port, so there�s no pictures for now. I really gotta get out of this place, they�re blaring this horrible, horrible pop music and I�m getting a headache. I think it�s U2. Perhaps things will turn around tomorrow.

I�m down here to attend the wedding of my buddy the Latin American Correspondent and his beautiful fianceé Jimena on June 11th. My wife Michelle isn�t here yet, but will be joining me on Monday. Max and Talia -- very, very unfortunately -- will not be coming down but will be cared for by their very brave Aunt Cléo. Two weeks holiday! Wine and beef and shopping! I�m looking forward to it.

Okay, that�s it, I�m bugging out. Hopefully I�ll be able to update this tonight.


Don't forget a very attractive and brave physiotherapist is also braving their assault on her... ;-)

You should be very, very thankful that you are away. Okay, I wrote that sentence after wrestling with two two-year-olds at bedtime; one who wanted more time on the little toilet and the other who wanted to harass the first. Now I've spent 2&1/2 hours with our Chilean friend as he forced me to derive myself the present, past and future conjugations of 5 common spanish verbs. I'm so much happier now. Yo estoy muy calzonda, yo dormo. ps. you could notify your nearest and dearests as to your safety and whereabouts before the whole rest of the world....

have a wonderful time you guys! Bruce I hope you get to a computer as often as possible because am looking forward to the vicarious trip! Vaya con dios!