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Most Annoying Americans

I had a lot of fun last year with my Most Annoying Canadian competition. Down in the States, a book has been written on the 100 most annoying Americans, called 100 People Who Are Screwing Up America : (and Al Franken Is #37) by Bernard Goldberg. Like most of the annoying Canadians, Goldberg's choices are mostly the political and cultural elites who feel they have everything worked out, and who believe the world would be just peachy if everyone would only listen to them. What seperates them from that guy at the party that won't leave you alone is that many people do listen to them. His book is aimed at deflating these windbags, and it's a valid goal.

I haven't read it, but I've obtained the Cole's Notes version. Here they are, the 100 most annoying Americans, in order from most to least most:

Michael Moore, Arthur Sulzberger, Ted Kennedy, Jesse Jackson, Anthony Romero, Jimmy Carter, Margaret Marshall, Paul Krugman, Jonathan Kozol, Ralph Neas, Noam Chomsky, Dan Rather, Andrew Heyward, Mary Mapes, Ted Rall, John Edwards, Al Sharpton, Al Gore, George Soros, Howard Dean, Judge Roy Moore, Michael Newdow, The Unknown American Terrorist, Lee Bollinger, James Kopp, Dr. Martin Haskell, Paul Begala, Julian Bond, John Green, Latrell Sprewell, Maury Povich, Jerry Springer, Bob Shrum, Bill Moyers, Jeff Danziger, Nancy Hopkins, Al Franken, Jim McDermott, Peter Singer, Scott Harshbarger, Susan Beresford, Gloria Steinem, Paul Eibeler, Dennis Kozlowski, Ken Lay, Barbara Walters, Maxine Waters, Robert Byrd, Ingrid Newkirk, John Vasconellos, Ann Pelo, Markos Moulitsas, Anna Nicole Smith, Neal Shapiro, David Westin, Diane Sawyer, Ted Field, Eminem, Shirley Franklin, Ludacris, Michael Savage, Howard Stern, Amy Richards, James Wolcott, Oliver Stone, David Duke, Randall Robinson, Katherine Hanson, Matt Kunitz, Jimmy Swaggart, Phil Donahue, Ward Churchill, Barbara Kingsolver, Katha Politt, Eric Foner, Barbara Foley, Linda Hirshman, Norman Mailer, Harry Belafonte, Kitty Kelley, Tim Robbins, Laurie David, The Dumb and Vicious Celebrity, The Vicious Celebrity, The Dumb Celebrity, Chris Ofili, Sheldon Hackney, Aaron McGruder, Jane Smiley, Michael Jackson, Barbara Streisand, Kerri Dunn, Richard Timmons, Guy Velella, Courtney Love, Eve Ensler, Todd Goldman, Sheila Jackson Lee, Matthew Lesko, Rick and Kathy Hilton
Is there anyone missing? I can think of John Kerry and Rosie O'Donnell off the top of my head, but I guess you have to cut the list somewhere. There are lots of annoying Americans, after all. But I can't think of any that shouldn't be there, so it's a very good list.

(Speaking of the Most Annoying Canadian Canadian competion, if and when I get this blog off the blocks and back on the information super-highway again, I'm going to revive it. Nominations will begin sometime in September. Start noting who's on the TV screen when you find yourself shaking your fist at it and let me know.)


Why the hell is Ludacris on this list? Seriously, a rapper? Not even an exceptionally influential or violent one?

Noam Chomsky? Al Franken?

and where are all the annoying conservatives on that list?

perhaps Ann Coulter....

(Replacing a comment of mine that was accidentally deleted...)

Can't say I know much about Ludacris, so I couldn't say. Maybe it has to do with the nihilistic bad attitude that seems to be all most modern hip hop has to offer. Let's face it, these guys are terrible role models. Maybe he's just used as an example. I notice you didn't complain about Eminem being there, so I take it you agree... :)

As to conservatives on the list, Michael Savage is there and I couldn't agree more. He's vile. I'm not a fan of Ann Coulter either, and I could see her on the list for sure, but that would have impacted sales, I think...