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Have we heard this before?

Our GG designate, attempting to defuse the kerfuffle about her seperatist leanings:

I want to tell you unequivocally that both he and I are proud to be Canadians and that we have the greatest respect for the institutions of our country. we are fully committed to Canada. I would not have accepted this position otherwise.

We are equally proud of the attachment to Quebec that we have always shown beyond any partisan considerations. Let me be clear: we have never belonged to a political party or the separatist movement.

"Let me be clear", or more frequently, "Let me be perfectly clear" is the code phrase Paul Martin uses when he makes a blatent lie that no one aware of the facts would believe for a second. It's as if he feels the audacity of declaring a falsehood so forcefully will prevent anyone challenging him -- that would be the same as directly calling him a liar. And, unfortunately, it usually works.

The Liberal machine obviously hopes this magic phrase will work again, because her statement is an obvious lie. There's no way,

Let me be clear: we have never belonged to a political party or the separatist movement.
jibes with the same Michaëlle Jean seen in a film of her husband's:
"Independence isn't given away, it's taken," she said to a group of high-profile Quebec nationalists, including former leader of the Front de libération du Québec Pierre Vallières, former PQ cabinet minister Gérald Godin, and Yves Préfontaine, a founder of the Rassemblement pour l'independance nationale, a separatist group that was the forerunner to both the FLQ and the Parti Québécois.
or the published sentiments of her husband:
So, a sovereign Quebec? An independent Quebec? Yes, and I applaud with both hands and I promise to be at all St. Jean [Baptiste] parades.
The story is that Paul Martin's people did a half-assed job of checking out Michaëlle Jean's background before picking her. That sounds right; I'm pretty sure he wouldn't knowingly put a seperatist sympathizer into the post. But he's got no problems with liars.


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I'm still waiting for you to let me know when it's sfe for me to come home and it's not now by the looks of it....sigh....

There was a GG appointee named Jean
Whose credentials were not terribly strong,
But the crass hipster left wing,
Would appoint her King,
Along with Jacques Rose, Valliere, Simard and Fanon!

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