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I got claim-jumped!

I thought I had squatter's rights to the term 'Most Annoying Canadian', but Aaron at Grandinite has compiled his own list of the '40 Most Annoying Canadians'. It just goes to show that intellectual property rights mean nothing on the internet.

He did give me my props, however, and it's a pretty good list, so I'll forgive him. His choice of #1 Most Annoying Canadian is the Helpful Canadian Tire Guy, who would surely have won my competion last year if it wasn't for a hacker with a grudge against Antonia Zerbisias. A good pick.

But... there are vital names missing from the list that tell me it's not definitive. Names like: George Stroumboulopoulos, Mary Walsh, Peter Mansbridge, Alanis Morissette, Belinda Stronach, Avril Lavigne, Bob Rae, Heather Mallick, Rick Salutin, Inky Mark, Buzz Hargrove, and -- what's that guys name again? -- oh yeah, Paul Martin. Those are just off the top of my head; I'm sure there are plenty more. And some of the names he does have are a little dated. Names like Sheila Copps, Corey Hart and Svend Robinson. And why's Alan Thicke there? Isn't he dead?

I don't think this Most Annoying Canadian thing is settled. The people have to have their say. I'll be running the competition again this year, and will be hosting the poll myself, to prevent the ballot box stuffing that happened last time. Who's going to take it? My money's on Carolyn Parrish, but you never can tell. Canadian Tire might decide to bring back 'Scrooge' for their Christmas commercials...


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It's an open source list that anyone can add to, let's say. There are others that should have been included, yes.

What polling system did you use? I heard is pretty good at weeding out hackers.

There's no shortage of annoying Canadians, to be sure. I'm going to use a script I found that I can host on my own server. That way, there'll be no Shenanigans. (I hope.)

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