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Robbing Peter to elect Paul

I received a blogspam email from retired pro basketball player Mike Riordan today, alerting me to a comment made by our reformed-separatist Transport Minister, Jean Lapierre. I normally don't do anything with these types of things, but I'm so thrilled to still be considered a part of the cranky Canadian conservative club after my long absence that I'm going to post it. (It's a pretty revealing quote too.) It's in French from the Canadian Press and translates as:

"I don’t think anyone can transform Quebec’s economy without government help,�" stated Jean Lapierre. "I think the government will have to be extremely active.�"

Alberta's prosperity could even be called upon, suggested the minister.

"The federal government has the duty to be a real partner, especially since as a government we benefit from the West's wealth,�" he stressed. "So we have to redistribute the wealth. After all, the good fortune of the West could become a disaster for the East. That is why we need a pact that will allow us to even things out.�"

Riordan ends his email with some questions:
1) Is Jean Lapierre nuts, or brilliant? He wasn't able to break up Canada in the Bloc; has he returned as a Liberal with the successful formula?

2) Why hasn't the mainstream media, aside from this passing mention on a French website, thought to mention this?

3) Why hasn't Paul Martin taken down one of his ministers for promising Quebec the proceeds of NEP-II? Or is this the official line, at least when the victims aren't there to hear it?

4) Where's Stephen Harper on this? Why hasn't he spoken out, where does he stand these days?

5) When I bleed $1.15/l to fill up my car, does this now count as a transfer payment?

Good questions all, but I'm going to ignore them. What I'm wondering is how we as Canadians can tolerate someone so obviously economically illiterate being in cabinet? I don't think anyone can transform Quebec’s economy without government help? The good fortune of the West could become a disaster for the East? I mean, what the hell? Alberta's booming economy not only increases the flow of cash the feds suck from the province, but also helps drive the economies of the other provinces. Money made in Alberta is spent on manufactured goods made outside the province. Businesses that are not tied geographically to Alberta that see their labour and infrastructure costs increase, will be encouraged to move elsewhere in the country and move jobs there. High oil prices -- while they may seem to hurt individuals filling up the family SUV -- are a net benefit to Canada because our country is a net exporter of oil.

But of course this isn't about economics, fairness, or 'duty'. It's about keeping the Liberal party in power in perpetuity. That's all. Each of these acts of fiddling with the levers of economic power in this country is to maintain their position as the sole distributor of all that is good on this Earth. And of course they can't do all this giving without some taking, so some parts of the country become involuntary 'donors to the Liberal cause', but they somehow manage to cover enough of the population to stay in the driver's seat.

This cynical strategy has kept the Liberals in charge of Parliament for a long, long time. And with the help of the spineless media in this country, they'll likely keep it going a lot longer. Until the West secedes -- which is the inevitable result of this tactic. I give this country just five more years -- unless Canadians can screw up the courage to throw these bums out.


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