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The Editor came back, the very next day...

I was evidently too confident that my harsh measures would have been enough to permanently rid me of The Editor's presence. Like some particularly powerful Buffy foe, he has risen from his grave and returned again to torment me some more. And as he's justifiably angry at me for my treatment of him, he's not being quite as easy on me as he once was. To the right you can see what he looks like. As you can imagine, having him in our home is quite unpleasant. It's a full-time job cleaning up the bits of rotting flesh he drops.

We've determined that we'll have to find ways to accomodate each other in the future. Over the past week, we've been holding meetings to try to find a compromise arrangement that will reduce the current level of friction. As a start, I've agreed to not kill him any more, and he's agreed to occasionally let me write something. But we still have much to work out. It would be a lot easier to get this done if we weren't continually interrupted by shrieking toddlers every five minutes. But we're confident we can find a solution.

But that will happen another day. Yesterday I arranged for him to "win" a all-expenses paid Carribean Cruise, so right now I'm blissfully free of his presence. He's away for the next ten days. How shall I spend the time?

He didn't notice that it was a all-male Carribean cruise before he left and, as he's a figment of my subconscious, I certainly hope he has a lousy time.


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