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The lameness continues...

Despite the death of the editor, this blog is somehow still stuck in first gear. I sincerely apologize. It may have something to do with the two people in the picture below, and I doubt I'll be able to get rid of them as easily as a figment of my subconscious mind. This month I'm even without the benefit of a couple days of daycare a week -- it's non-stop go go go around here these days.

They were very good on their first road trip. Some screaming was unavoidable, but it was fairly infrequent and so was tolerable. When we got there, they got to stay up late, ride in a motor boat, chase frogs, dig in the sand, and watch more TV and eat more ice cream than we let them get away with at home. They had a wonderful time, and because of that, so did I.


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Cottaging, motorboating and frogging don't sound like anything lame to me.

I love your babies!

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