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Vignette II

It's past bedtime and Mama is out of the house. Talia has demanded a trip to the potty and I'm sitting with her, impatient because I'm not sure if this is just another stalling tactic. The power is out because of a storm, so the light in the bathroom is gloomy grey.

She looks up at me, strokes my arm gently, and says in the sweetest voice, "You're nice, Papa. You're vewy nice. I wuv you. When I get big, I be just just like you."

Who could resist that? I smile at her tenderly, and she continues. "Because then I can have a big wed toofbwush like you! Or a geen one! I want a big toofbwush but Mama says I have to be big, so when I get big I can have a big toofbwush, and it's a wed one and then I can bwush my teef mysewf and..."


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My daughter just learned how to use "No". She's also becoming adept at the "stalling tactics" you mention, also known as lying about her diaper, her hunger, her need for Teletubbies.

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