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Suitable for framing

Gnotalex at the Blog Quebecois has pointed me to program called ArtRage, which does a very nice job of simulating various types of art materials. I thought it was a perfect medium for allowing Max and Talia to express their artistic side -- with no mess. Can you guess the toddler that drew each of these two mesmerizing works of Art?

It was a dark and stormy night

The first work is the result of channeled rage. The artist -- while generally demonstrating a calm, peaceful exterior -- has been politicized by the inherent injustices experienced by two-year-olds in this household. This energy is thankfully directed towards creating works of beauty rather than acts of violence. This piece is dedicated to the outrage of manditory bedtimes.

Octopus sabre dance

This second piece is more minimal, but that minimalism is very deceptive. It hides the rich inner mythology of the artist, in which animals are used to illustrate through parody the falseness of the human condition. This piece is part of a series on the topic of war.

Read the extended entry to find out more about these artists.

Max Gottfred is the creator of the first work. Born on February 14, 2003, he lives in the artists' community of Chelsea, Quebec. His favourite show is Bob the Builder.

Talia Gottfred is the genius behind the second painting. She was also born on February 14, 2003, and lives with Max in Chelsea. Her favourite show is Dora the Explorer.


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Where can we buy!!!

Great art but those interpretations are just way off. Clearly if these artists had a government grant they could properly express themselves free from the tyranny of parental rule.

very cool must check that out, though I guess there's a risk that i'd spend hours making finger paintings instead of editing!

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