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Stuff & Things XX

  • I'm still alive. The blog has suffered, true, but I've been overcome with my responsibilities for the past few weeks. Not only do I have two extemely active two-year-olds to care for, I am responsible for the upbringing of a level 46 undead warlock and a level 15 tauren shaman. Forgive me, I will try again to build some momentum.
  • Speaking of the dread MMORPG, the Daedalus Project is a great site that looks at the psychology of these games. This is sure to be a big field in the future.
  • One of the complaints I hear often about the fact that some people get much of their information from blogs is that they are isolating themselves from other points of view. A quick scroll though Bob Tarantino's Let it Bleed should convince them otherwise. In the past couple of weeks he's looked at (and ripped apart) the thoughts of Alexandre Trudeau, Noam Chomsky (in great detail), Heather Mallick, Jeffrey Simpson, and Rick Salutin. I'd nominate him for the most prestigious blog award I know of, but he's already won it.
  • This video (warning: weird) didn't make gnotalex's weekly film fest, but it should have.
  • "Iraq's a disaster! Iraq's another Vietnam!" Blah, blah blah. This is the hidden message woven into any 'news' article I read nowadays. Even a successful election wasn't enough to dampen this tone for more than a day. For a bit of balance, read this to find out how much confidence those closest to the conflict, the Iraqi people, have in their future.
  • While I'm on the topic, check out Christopher Hitchens' puncturing of another great media myth: that of 'bitterly divided' Iraq.
  • This is a great article on stupid European anti-Americanism. It sounds very similar to stupid Canadian anti-Americanism. (via Canadian Comment)
  • A new social consciousness is arising in my household. Talia challenged my authority with a defiant, "It's not fair!" the other day. I suspect I'll be hearing it lot more in the future.
  • My local do-nothing-backbencher-for-life Liberal MP has managed to get his name attached to a growing scandal. Good for him! I never suspected him capable of such a thing. Maybe he's cabinet material.
  • In the new information age we're living in, is there really any reason for the newspaper to print pages and pages of stock mrket prices? Does anyone get their investing information there anymore?
  • Our new Governor General wants to be Canada's Oprah:
    I intend to devote myself to promoting and multiplying actions that help to create a broader dialogue among us, a still-deeper understanding of what we are collectively.
    I suggest she host a CBC afternoon talk-show featuring different special interest groups each day to 'dialog' with. (via the London Fog)
  • Mark Steyn has frequently commented in passing on the slow-motion train wreck tht is modern Russia. In this article he looks at the country in depth. It ain't pretty.
  • Do you realize, that if present trends continue, you will be able to buy a completely new variety of toothpaste each time you need some for the rest of your life? I bet you didn't realize it. Aren't you glad you have me to point these things out? C'mon, I'm looking for meaning in my life...


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The video of strange and wonderful plants was greatly appreciated here on the taiga, and everyone was astounded that such things could exist in "The South". M. le Baron DuChastel in particular was envious of the skills of such gardeners, and wished he had grown such specimens himself. The whims of the gentleman are well known, and the others of the encampment simply nodded. I agree with him that la Baronnesse would enjoy this example of the art, as it resembles her own.

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