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Another chance for Canada

I suppose I should write something about the upcoming election. I'm hopeful that people will finally find the courage and common sense to toss the Liberals out of office after twelve years, but not too hopeful. It seemed just as clear to me last time around that -- for the benefit of the country-- they had to go; but once again they were returned to power. They have used that time to continue to dilute and make irrelevant our country's institutions, and concentrate all decision-making power in the Prime Minister's Office. But Canadian's don't care, and so far it seems likely that Stephen Harper won't have to have new stationary made up in January.

And if Paul Martin wins again, I'm really worried about the future of this country. His strategy of provoking the separatists in Quebec and reinforcing stereotypes of Albertans works well in Ontario, but may unleash a backlash he won't be able to control.

But I'm going to be doing my little bit to try to change that outcome. Once again, I'll be working on the Conservative campaign in the Pontiac, this time with the Conservative's one great hope for Quebec, Lawrence Cannon. I'll be managing his website, putting up signs and doing whatever else I can to help. Quebec is still a lonely place for the Tories, but in this riding I think we have the best chance for a breakthrough.

I don't consider myself a 'party man' by any means. There's many things about the Conservatives I don't like. It's not that I find them 'scary'. It's that they're not scary enough.

The Liberals have maintained their hold on power by carefully cultivating a vast collection of special interests and client groups. These barnacles have multiplied and mutated over the past thirty years so that now they completely cover the ship of state and almost immobilize it. Many people think this baroque accumulation is the government. It will be near impossible to ever scrape them all off, but I wouldn't mind a party that at least recognizes the problem and proposes to try to stop the ship from capsizing. But no, the Conservatives have been very delicate about all this. The farmers will continue to get their handouts, the artists will continue to get their handouts, Bombardier will continue to get their handouts, etc, etc...

But whatever. The Tories will be better than what we have now, and might keep the country from flying apart. I'm going to be working to make it happen.

The first month of the campaign is just the warm-up. The real show starts in January.


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