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Anti-Canadian Propaganda

As the spouse of a health-care professional, I get to hear many stories of bureaucratic ineptitude, massive waste, shortages and perverse incentives. I hear them not only from my wife, but from many of our friends who are also doctors. It's all part of the complicated mess that is Canada's defining institution. It's not a total disaster as some might claim, but the credit for that should go to the people who endeavor to do the work, despite the restrictions the government enforces. But things are bad, there's no question about it.

Publius at Gods of the Copybook Headings has discovered a film on the perils of the Canadian health care system being promoted on the web. It's called Dead Meat. It's 25 minutes long and is available for viewing online. While a little hokey at times, it effectively blows a few good-sized holes in the largest contributor to Canada's overall smugness. Everyone should see it. Publius' post is well worth reading as well, including the comments.


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