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A note to the teenagers sprinting between houses wearing hockey jerseys or funny hats as costumes: It's all about the cuteness. Just because you're able to cover more houses faster, doesn't mean you get more loot. Max and Talia received huge handfuls of chocolate bars from each of the 2 dozen houses they visited, while you probably got an abundance of tiny lollipops and those dreadful taffies in the orange and black wrappers. You're who they make those inedible things for, you know...


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Cuties indeed

Anyone over the age of 12 who comes to my door gets a couple of cheap lollipops and I sneak in a couple of Harvey's ketchup packets.

Is Max still saying "pick one, come and pick one, pick one". Though what I was picking from was an entire box of regular snack sized chips, all the same color all the same flavour. No matter to him, he loved every minute of it. Hopefully Talia hasn't stolen all his candy from him.

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