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Some childcare tips for M. de Villepin

As usual, °No Pasarŗn! has the evening's damage report for France under seige:

29 cops injured by gunfire in Grigny (2 CRS riot police seriously hurt).

In the TarterÍts housing project in Corbeil-Essonnes, 50 masked rioters attempted to rollover a vehicle onto riot police situated on a highway below them. A school was torched in Savigny-sur-Orge. The Public Treasury in Trappes was targeted by an arson (Trappe is the home of French comic Jamel Debbouze -- young punk who has already had run-ins with French police due to his gangsta lifestyle -- he likes to make believe he is Moroccan even though he's just a stinking French). Bus service is irregular throughout the northern Parisian suburbs.

Other regions of the country are seeing increased violence. Numerous vehicles were torched in Nantes, Rouen, and Le Havre. A police station was smashed by a vehicle in a suburb of Rouen. In Toulouse, 30 French youths squared off against police in the area of Mirail. A pre-school was torched in Saint-Etienne and 8 18-wheelers were burned in Roanne. In Blois and Tours, torched cars and arson attacks of building basements were reported early in the evening.

As an experienced Executive Family Manager, I have learned how to act when faced with unreasoning rage from people that have never had to deal with the real world and always expect to get their own way. I also have some insight into what causes the 'little emperor' syndrome that makes these outbursts more frequent, and how it can be avoided. It all seems very obvious to me, but too often I see other parents falling into the same traps as the French government has. Here is my advice:

First, when faced with a tantrum: ignore the cause. They may even have a good reason. You may find that you regret doing or not doing whatever was the trigger for the episode and wish you had done things differently. It doesn't matter. The child must learn that this kind of behavior doesn't get results. You must express disapproval and refuse to discuss anything until the shrieking stops. So long as the child isn't damaging anything or anyone, you can let him go on as long as he likes, but if he is you must restrain him until he calms down. After the incident is over, you should demand the child apologize before any discussion can begin on addressing the concern the tantrum was about. But then you must listen to him and deal with him fairly -- which does not generally mean giving him what he wants, but finding a compromise or explaining why things are as they are.

This teaches the child that he is not the center of the universe, and teaches him that following his rage is not going to get him anywhere. But it also teaches him that he can gain some control over his situation without it. Children can be pretty passionate, however, so it may take many 'lessons' before it starts to sink in.

Tantrums are more frequent in children who have never had to do much for themselves and are accustomed to having their needs met quickly. To prevent this, it's important for parents to teach their children at an early age to do things for themselves. Things such as putting their toys away, eating food with a spoon by themselves, and hanging up their coats when they come in from outside. It's not much and it's largely symbolic -- but it creates the foundations for their sense of responsibility. The difficult part is that it's always easier for the parent to do these tasks for the child or let lapses slip. But for the child's benefit, the parent has to be steadfast.

I'm not suggesting that I always follow my own advice. I try to, but sometimes it's just to easy to give in or look the other way. But making no attempt to control bad behavior just makes more it more likely to recur. And if you let it go on too long you run the risk of losing any influence over the child at all. Then you're screwed...


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The above is excellent advice, when dealing with youngsters, when dealing with Jihadists you roll them up, FAST!

You can see how the world would be a better place if childless losers were not allowed to be in government at any level.

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