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Still here

And still possessing some measure of the urge to blog. But the present setup of the blog has become irritating to an unacceptable degree. I am being deluged by spam from some of the crudest bottom-feeding scum that exist on the internet. And if you've ever taken a wrong turn on the internet, you'll know how just how crude that can be. They've become much more creative (read:irritating) at how they tag my website with their garbage, requiring more and more of my time to get rid of it. I'm sick of it, and it makes me sick of the blog.

But there is hope. Movable Type has a new -- and free -- version that promises effective spam prevention. I have no shortage of faith that the bottom-feeding scum will find ways around this, but it has to be better than what I've got now.

So I'm updating the software that runs this site. And I'm probably going to make numerous mistakes that will take me a while to nail down. I ask the few readers I have left to be patient as I work on the renovations. Be back soon, I hope.


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